About GeniusVets

Creating smarter connections between pet owners and veterinarians

GeniusVets is the premier platform to improve pet health – connecting pet parents with quality veterinarians and proven pet care advice from DVMs.

Our mission is to create better pet health by providing a platform that educates and unites pet owners and veterinarians.

Launched by a top veterinarian and practice owner, along with a team of digital technologists, writers, and pet parents, GeniusVets was created to help pet parents find, connect with, and get to know great veterinarians in their area...and to help pet owners become more knowledgeable about pet care, with education straight from veterinarians themselves.

GeniusVets Team
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How We Help

Today, pet care starts online – pet owners are seeking real-time information. Unfortunately they don't always find the best information, from the most trustworthy sources. While we respect the efforts of independent bloggers, product companies, and others who want to tell their story to pet owners, we've found that one of the most important voices in pet care is being drowned out – the voice of the DVM who has the knowledge, training and experience to ensure the best care for pets.

Through GeniusVets.com and our network of independent veterinary practices using our technology in their local areas, our platform reaches millions of pet owners – educating them, empowering them, and connecting them with their local veterinarian for the best possible care.

For Veterinarians

Our core philosophy is that the DVM must be at the center of the pet care experience, working closely with the pet owner. We believe that advice online provided by non-DVMs can be misleading and in some cases harmful to the best interest of pet owners and their pets. We've seen DVMs become further and further sidelined in the online discussion, and our goal is to give DVMs a voice online and help bring them back into this conversation.

To make this happen, in addition to the GeniusVets.com engagement platform, we also provide a comprehensive set of marketing programs and solutions that are proven to deliver the highest performance in our industry – helping our clients consistently out-perform national brands and corporate chains as well as their local competitors, and grow their patient acquisition and retention. 

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