Do I need to change my senior dog’s feeding schedule?

Do I need to change my senior dog’s feeding schedule? - Neighborhood Vets Mobile Care

Yes. Well, maybe. We will be talking about senior dogs today, and it's really important that you feed your dog a good diet. A good diet is what's called premium pet food. We recommend two different brands, Hills and Royal Canin, but there are many out there, and they're usually a little more expensive than the grocery store diets, but it needs to be made for senior dogs. It's really important to feed your dog of seven years of age or older a senior diet. It'll help maintain his body weight and muscle mass and help keep him a little bit more active. When we see senior pets in our practice, we usually do senior profiles. All this stuff in here is laboratory equipment, and we have x-rays, and in the back is dentistry and surgery. We can take care of anything your senior pet needs, but blood and urine tests yearly are really important. That way, we can use diets and supplements to increase their longevity because increasing your dog's longevity is our mission.