Where can I get medications for my dog?

Where can I get medications for my dog? - Advanced Animal Care

I generally recommend getting the medication straight from your veterinarian, or if it is a human medication, we can call that into a human pharmacy a lot of the time. Still, I don't generally recommend any online pharmacies unless it's one associated with us. Because you can run into some counterfeit products, and you don't want to risk your animal's health for that.

Where can I get medications for my dog? - Animal Hospital of Statesville

From your veterinarian. That would be one option. Depending on what the medication is, we would be able to prescribe, and most things that we prescribe, we carry in-house. But there are certain ones that we would write you a prescription for or call that into a pharmacy where you and I would go to fill the medication, and you can pick up your pet medication there. You can fill them on the Online Store from here as well if you want to have them sent to you. But usually, you'd probably want to get it started, or at least get the first ones started, and then get your refills if necessary. If we carry it in-house, we would immediately prescribe it. One benefit is that you can get that before you ever walk out the door. If it was a medication that would be more long-term, we'd often recommend our online store just for convenience, or potentially a pharmacy locally that might carry that.

Where can I get medications for my dog? - Four Paws at Fulshear Veterinary Clinic

You can get them from your veterinarian clinic's office. We can also write you a prescription for an outside pharmacy, but once that prescription has left our building, we have no involvement. We also have our own online pharmacy store where we can guarantee that things are stored appropriately. It's always best to go through your veterinarian and it's also good to support local businesses.