Will more than one diagnostic imaging tool be used to come up with a diagnosis for my dog? - Animal Hospital of Statesville

It's possible that it might. I would say, a lot of the time, the one we choose first, which we feel is the best, will probably give us the most answers. There are situations where it doesn't like if we see something on an x-ray, which I kind of describe as a big picture, our ultrasound kind of zeros in on that. If we see something that looks like a mass or a tumor in the abdomen, we might want to know what it is attached to and what the likely cause is. So after a big picture x-ray, an ultrasound can go in and look at the individual organs, like the kidney or the spleen. We want to see where the suspicious mass is and what it's attached to. We may not see other things, like fluid, which are more sensitive on ultrasound than on an x-ray. So you try to prioritize and start with what might give you your answer, and then it may lead you to further diagnostics. But you start with the one you feel might give you the highest yield.