What can I do to provide my cat with the best nutrition possible?

What can I do to provide my cat with the best nutrition possible? - Prestige Animal Hospital

Personally, I love the pet owners that measure out their food. Free feeding to me is the number one way that pets gain weight. We've discussed this before and we've discussed it with many clients, they'll say, "Oh, my cat gained weight after the spay." Or she got fixed. And my number one question after that is, "Do you free feed?" 80, 90% of people say yes. Free feeding is the number one way these kitties have gained weight. If you leave me at home with nothing to do I'm going to run to the fridge 20 times a day, and I'll probably gain weight as well. So don't leave the food out, measure it, give them about 20 minutes to eat. If they don't eat, pick it up. If you're going to feed one, two, or three times a day, do that regiment. Measure it with a measuring cup that has increments on it so you know how much you're feeding. If they're gaining weight, back it up, if they're not, increase it. So that's probably the best nutritional advice I could give at this point. Wet food or dry food is a big debate. Some cats make their own decision on that. I personally prefer wet food, but make sure you're doing regular dental exams because that food can take on their teeth and they will need regular dentals.