How long do cat wellness exams usually take?

How long do cat wellness exams usually take? - Animal Hospital of Statesville

Well, some of it depends on you and your cat. Is your cat healthy? Are there a lot of problems we need to address? Do you have a lot of questions? Is your cat older or younger? And what have we gotten into so far? Typically, we schedule routine cat wellness exams for 30 minutes. We’ll schedule senior cats for about an hour, giving a little more time for the collection of samples and going over certain aspects.

How long do cat wellness exams usually take? - Briar Patch Veterinary Hospital

Cat wellness exams typically take about 30 minutes. This allows time for the veterinarian to address your questions, perform a complete exam on your cat, and collect any necessary samples or run diagnostics. It also provides time for treatments if needed.

How long do cat wellness exams usually take? - Neighborhood Vets Mobile Care

Just a few minutes. The veterinarian is going to examine your cat's face for symmetry. He's probably going to use an otoscope to look in your cat's ears. He's going to look at your cat's teeth and gums and in the back of your cat's throat. He's going to palpate your cat's neck and try to feel his thyroid gland, especially if the cat is a senior over seven years old. He's going to feel your kitty's lymph nodes and listen to the cat's heart and probably feel the kitty's abdomen. The unique thing about examining cats is you can feel their kidneys and their internal organs when you do an abdominal palpation.