What are the signs my cat is dying? - The Waggin' Train Veterinary Clinic

That's a tricky one to answer. So I will simply say this. I'm going to focus on the literal act of dying. And I know that's grim, but if this question is intended to cover things such as maybe my cat is passing away at my home now with me, I would expect to see things like a cat that is no longer responsive, number one. They're usually laterally recumbent laying on their side, but you can't rouse them. They're breathing but you can't rouse them. They don't respond if you call their name. There may be what's called a palpebral reflex. You can touch by their eye and they should blink just like we should but they don’t. You start seeing a diminished or a lack of a palpebral reflex, things like that. Sometimes severe dehydration will be evident if can pick up their skin and they have a very prolonged skin tint. That's not an end of life sign, but most cats that are at that point usually are going to be severely dehydrated. And then I would think the last, and I mean the very last that you may see (hopefully you won't see it at home) would be what we call agonal breathing. That is anytime an animal passes, whether they're passing on their own or if that’s something that we've assisted them with, oftentimes they will take to take these very, very deep breaths right at the end as they're passing. Again, a grim topic but these are some of the things that you would be looking for at the absolute in stages of life.