Share a few sentences about your professional background and what drew you to GeniusVets.

I am in my final year of studying Bachelor of Mathematics and Computer Science, and, in my second year, I started doing courses on Web Development. This is my first professional Developer position.

What do you love about your role?

There is always something to learn. Just when I feel like I have figured out how things come together to create a website, this whole curveball throws you back to searching for answers. And also the design aspect.

Pet Info

My cat Livey, short for Olivia, is an American Curl breed but she doesn't have curled ears. And she spends the whole day working with me—either on my lap or desk, and she tries to sleep on my keyboard.

Passions or hobbies outside of work

Painting, and I am also into fitness. I joined a Crossfit club, and I love the challenges.

What is one thing you've done that most people have likely never experienced?

Hiked up Cradock Peak, with 1200m elevation, with there and back being 20km.

On a Sunday morning, you'll find me…

In bed!

Do you have any hidden/unique talents?

I can sing and play guitar. I don't really do it in front of people or tell anyone.

Have you had any funny animal encounters?

A baboon has walked into our house, opened the cookie jar, and stole one.