Who Is The Top Veterinary Marketing SEO Company?

Veterinary Marketing Performance Study


“You’re only as good as your word” is something that you hear a lot in sales but, when it comes to marketing, you’re only as good as the numbers you consistently produce for your clients. And when done correctly, marketing can be one of the most powerful forces in the world. Unfortunately, many marketing agencies offer little more than smoke and mirrors, and the only way to discern those you can trust is by looking at the results they deliver. It’s easy to become enraptured by the bells and whistles—the fancy designs, complex strategies, and, yes, even pretty websites. In the end, though, the only thing that matters is the results these marketing efforts can deliver. And as one of our coworkers recently said, “Having a pretty website is great, but if it’s not paired with great SEO and other marketing efforts, then no one will find it, local pet owners will gravitate toward your competitors, and your business will suffer from a silent failure that will eventually become an existential threat.”


Marketing performs an essential business function and the bottom line is that marketing should generate results. This question of "what results are marketing agencies driving for veterinary practices in America" is at the center of a recent study that has shocked the industry. The study determined the top 10 GeniusVets client websites are attracting more monthly visitors than the top 10 client websites from our top 10 competitors combined, by more than 30%.


GeniusVets marketing performance study vs competitors veterinary marketing


To download the GeniusVets Study, go here.


The Corporatization of Veterinary Care

It's no secret that there is a massive trend toward consolidation of independent veterinary practices and toward large corporate groups. However, those within the industry know that the level of care, quality of service, and health of the culture within independent veterinary practices is far superior to what is commonly found within corporate-owned animal hospitals. However, at GeniusVets we believe that if an independent veterinary practice is able to maximize its performance as a business, driving high margin on revenue, while supporting a strong culture among its staff and clients, then that practice is far less likely to be sold to a corporate group, and when the owner is ready to retire, they are far more likely to explore alternative exit strategies that protect both their financial interests as well as the culture, value, and clientele of the business they have built.


“My ultimate goal is to help my colleagues in independent veterinary care to ensure that our businesses and our profession are strong enough to survive the onslaught of corporatized veterinary medicine,” GeniusVets Co-Founder, DVM, and Owner of The Drake Center Michele Drake noted.


“The onslaught of corporatized veterinary medicine” might sound a bit melodramatic but, unfortunately, it paints an accurate picture of what’s happening. At GeniusVets, we are helping independent practice owners realize that there are other avenues.


Not Today, Dr. Google - Not Today

One of the biggest problems facing the industry today is that veterinarians are being taken out of the pet care conversation altogether. Pet owners now turn to “Dr. Google” and the consequences of finding a high ranking article written by a well-meaning but under-informed pet lover can be catastrophic. So, we made it our calling to put DVMs back into the conversation by creating a platform that connects pet-owners to information that comes directly from veterinarians, and that helps those pet owners to connect with high-quality veterinary practices within their local area.


Show Me The Numbers…

GeniusVets Co-founder and Chief Strategist David Hall is obsessed with numbers. If you get him talking about rankings and statistics, you better have carved a few hours out of your schedule, and don’t forget to hydrate. Before GeniusVets, he founded theSEOeffect.com and has written eight books on search engine optimization. Towards the end of last year, David had a pretty good idea of where we stood amongst our competitors, but he wanted to prove our premiere standings. And prove it he did.


About the GeniusVets Study

One efficient way to judge performance is by comparing your performance to that of your competitors. In this case, we wanted to know how our clients perform compared to our competitors’ clients. Fortunately, with the help of SEMrush.com (a tool that is one of the most widely used and respected digital marketing tools available), we performed a comprehensive analysis of our clients’ performance compared to our competitors’ clients. We analyzed one of the most valuable metrics for any marketing agency today… and that metric is website traffic.


To conduct this study, our GeniusVets stats and SEO team used ahrefs.com, a tool to run a backlink analysis of their competitors’ websites. In sorting the list by estimated organic website traffic and enlisting the SEMrush.com tool, the GeniusVets stats team was able to run website traffic reports for each of the top 10 highest-performing websites from our top 10 competitors. They added up the performance data and compared it to the top 10 performing GeniusVets clients using the same tools.


The study determined that just 10 GeniusVets client websites drive 30% more monthly website traffic than the top 10 clients of our top 10 competitors combined.

“Honestly, the results of this study were shocking,” said David Hall, Co-Founder of GeniusVets. “We are obsessed with performance and results, and one of the best ways to understand performance is in comparison to others. So, we wanted to compare the performance of our clients to the clients of our competitors. Before the study, we knew that our clients were seeing superior results, but when the results of the study proved that our top 10 clients are getting more web traffic than the top 10 clients of our top 10 competitors combined by more than 30%, we were truly surprised.”


Why Does Website Traffic Matter?

Twenty years ago, if a pet owner had a pet health question, they didn’t go to the library to study veterinary medicine; they simply picked up the phone and called their local vet. That allowed the veterinarian to build a relationship and earn a new client. As we mentioned previously, these days, if anyone has a question about anything, they go to Google. Therefore, if a veterinarian wants that same opportunity to earn a new client, they need to be found at the top of Google search results. That pet owner will check out your website before they ever pick up the phone, and that is why traffic to your website is a leading indicator of the strength and success of your veterinary practice, now and into the future.


Keep in mind, not all websites are created equal. You probably already have a website, and it may be aesthetically pleasing. Beyond looking nice, however, your website has three critical jobs to do. First, your website is supposed to attract visitors. Second, your website should authentically represent the mission, values, and culture of your veterinary practice. Third, it should demonstrate your expertise and ensure that you become the go-to pet health expert for pet owners in your local area. If you have a stunning website that isn’t attracting visitors because it isn’t being found at the top of Google search results, it’s a silent but significant detriment to your business. The opportunity cost of your website being invisible for the myriad of pet care questions local pet owner are asking Google is the lifetime value of a client, multiplied by dozens of clients per month, year after year. Your business will suffer and in the long run it may not survive.


And Now, a Few Words From Our CEO

While David is more of our numbers guy, you can rest assured that our Co-Founder and CEO Harley Orion was equally as impressed with the results of the study—and not just the numbers but, rather, how these numbers separate us from our competition:


“While we have long seen and understood that the websites built and managed by our competitors consistently underperform reasonable expectations, we had not anticipated that the results we routinely deliver for our clients would surpass the web traffic generated by the rest of our competitors combined,” Harley said. “However, numbers don’t lie. Unfortunately, many of our competitors claim to be ‘top-performing’ and make other dubious claims to sell their services, claims that do not stand up to scrutiny, as demonstrated here.”


To download the GeniusVets Study, go here. To learn more about how we can improve your profitability, schedule a GeniusVets demo.