What’s Happening On Social Media – Trends & Insights from Social Media Marketing World 2024

Nothing in marketing is static; there are always new trends, evolving best practices, and a lot of room for experimentation, and social media marketing is no exception. We know this better than anyone, so we’re always researching, learning, and talking to other social media experts to stay ahead of the game and on top of the most effective tactics for organic social media marketing. 

In February, a few members of the GeniusVets team spent three days learning about the hottest trends in social media marketing at Social Media Marketing World (SMMW) 2024 in San Diego, California.

We've got pages and pages of notes and insights from some of the top social strategists in the country, so we can share tips on how you can stay on trend and reduce the time you spend creating social media for your practices. From AI and video to new ways to stand out from the competition, we're here to break down the trends everyone online is talking about and how you can use these in your practice's social media strategy. 

It’s An AI World; Learn How to Live In It

With the rapid advancement and accessibility of AI technology, we're entering a new era of social media marketing where technology isn't just changing the game; it's becoming the game itself. While some marketers have mixed opinions on integrating AI into their social media strategies due to the fear that it's meant to replace us, rest assured that experts agree that AI isn't here to replace us; it's here to enhance us. So, as savvy veterinary social media marketers we must embrace this shift, not fear it, in order to fully unlock the efficiencies and benefits AI technology can offer.

First off, we need to remember that AI writing tools aren't going to be perfect out of the box and won't necessarily give you the perfect social post copy or posting schedule on your first – or even fifth – prompt. In order to make AI work with you and not for you, we need to stop treating AI platforms like tools and start training them like people. In the same way that a new member of your team will need to be coached to learn about your brand's voice and tone, AI platforms will need to be filled in on what elements make up your practice's personality. Teach your preferred AI platform your voice, your tone, your quirks – everything that you want reflected in your social post copy or social video scripts.

Think of this training and coaching as creating your digital doppelganger. Show ChatGPT examples of your best work, whether it's newsletters, social media posts, or client communications. By feeding it your voice and training it to respond in tones and styles that reflect your company's voice, you empower AI to amplify your message authentically and with a little less oversight on your part. But remember, what you put into AI needs to be done strategically and responsibly! Learn a lesson from Samsung's AI mistakes, and be sure anything you input into AI tools, like ChatGPT or Copy.AI, isn't proprietary or confidential information that shouldn't be shared outside of your practice. 

Content Is King – And You Need to Be Repurposing It

Content from a single piece can be repurposed into blogs, reels, shorts, stories, and so much more!

Content is the lifeblood of social media marketing. After all, without content, what would you be posting to be Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? But here's the secret sauce: great social media management is not just about creating content – it's about repurposing it in ingenious ways and getting the most value out of every piece of content you create, no matter the topic or format. Content from a single interview can be repurposed into a blog, an Instagram Reel, an audiogram for Facebook, short cut downs for stories, and so much more.

In order to start repurposing content like a pro, you’ll need to focus on two key factors of your content: focus and format. 

  • Focus: What are you saying with your content?
  • Format: How are you saying it?

When thinking about content repurposing in terms of these two focuses, you can quickly create 100 different ideas with one topic by pairing up different content focuses and content formats. You can combine any focus with any format to get unrivaled value from your content creation efforts.

10 Focuses

  1. People/Organizations: Who are the people in your practice?
  2. Basics: Define key veterinary terms or procedures, pet facts
  3. Details: Go in-depth about more complicated topics
  4. History: What is the story of how your practice came to be?
  5. Process: Create educational content - behind the scenes or how to’s
  6. Curation: Share lists of useful links or resources
  7. Data: Studies, reports, surveys  
  8. Product: Do you sell specific products? Can you recommend your services?
  9. Example: Share a case study
  10. Opinion: Share your expert advice

10 Formats

  1. Writing: Articles, blog posts, lists, captions 
  2. Infographics: Explaining data or how procedures work
  3. Audio: Interviews, testimonials, audiograms
  4. Video: Instagram Reels, TikTok, YouTube Shorts
  5. Live Video: Content from events or Q&As
  6. Images: Photo posts or carousels
  7. Timeline: Before and after or transformations
  8. Tools: Like price calculators for different procedures
  9. Quiz: Ask questions in posts or stories
  10. Maps: Maps of the practice or even customer journeys

And don’t get the impression that any of these repurposed content posts are one-and-done. You can pin high-value posts on Instagram or TikTok profiles to maximize their impact and visibility. Posts about freebies, essential info, or engaging content that reflects your business's essence are great candidates for pinned posts because of their evergreen nature and the value they provide to your profile visitors. 

Short Form Video Remains On Top

Like the importance of content for social media marketing, there are some things that just remain true year after year, despite the changes the landscape of social media best practices and trends undergo. And short form video is one of the most tried and true aspects of social media that only seems to get more and more effective each year – and for good reason. Harnessing the power of video-enabled platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok can be game-changers for engaging with your audience and humanizing your practice's brand.

A whopping 75% of US adults spend at least two hours a day glued to short-form video content. The way consumers utilize short video platforms is changing, too, with approximately two in five Americans using TikTok as a search engine to find answers to their questions or advice and information from brands and creators. When veterinary practice owners embrace short-form videos and add them to their social media strategy, they're increasing their opportunities to connect with pet owners and provide trusted and sound pet care advice. 

Do you want to get started with short form video but don't have anyone on your team that's experienced with video editing? Never fear; we have a few suggestions that can help you cut down videos in no time – and without a ton of experience needed! Opusclip or getmunch.com are great options for cutting down longer videos into short clips for use on social media, and tools like Vidiofy.ai can format your clips for Instagram Reels in a few easy steps.

Short form video checklist

Authenticity Is the Key to Standing Out in a World Where Everyone Sounds the Same

It’s no secret that every single brand on social media is vying for attention and trying to build an expansive follower base. But while some brands are hyper focused on follower growth and like count, other brands are much more attuned to what really matters on social media: cutting through the noise and forging genuine connections with your audience. As veterinary practice owners that rely on the trust between doctor and patient for our entire business model, it's crucial to prioritize building relationships over merely amassing followers.

Authenticity on social media is all about living up to your practice’s mission and values.

Authenticity is the best way to really connect with your social audience and set yourself apart from other clinics in your area. Authenticity on social media is all about living up to your practice’s mission and values, and making your online presence representative of your practice’s truth, instead of another generic curated marketing persona.

Here are a few different ways you can infuse authenticity into your social media strategy:

  • Engage Authentically: Don't just broadcast your message; authentically engage with your followers and potential clients. Be real, be vulnerable, and show the human side of your practice amidst the sea of AI-generated content.
  • Nurture Your Community: Foster a sense of belonging by actively responding to comments, DMs, and engaging with your followers' stories. Make them feel valued and appreciated.
  • Know Your Fans: Distinguish between your "loud fans" and "quiet fans." Loud fans publicly champion your practice, while quiet fans silently support from the sidelines. Engage both groups in meaningful ways tailored to their preferences.
  • Empower Loud Fans: Collaborate on creative posts and carousels, making them feel like valued members of an exclusive club. Form inside jokes and express gratitude loudly to show appreciation for their vocal support.
  • Activate Quiet Fans: Encourage interaction with clear CTAs, relevant questions, and polls in comments. Utilize engagement-limited features like broadcast channels to draw out responses from quieter followers

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