Weekly Veterinary Industry Review #10

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It’s Friday, October 2nd, 2020. Welcome to round ten of the Weekly Veterinary Industry Review, brought to you by GeniusVets. This week we give you the lowdown on the stellar guest panel for the upcoming Vet Summit, we continue our talk on the need to increase diversity in the field, and we share an enlightening article on how to deal with the inevitable cranky client…so let's get to it.


Veterinary Business News

Keeping you at the forefront of veterinary news regarding products, personnel, and conferences...

Speakers at the Upcoming Vet Summit Are a Veritable “Who’s Who”

  • From the article: “Staying connected – with your clients, peers, and even your education ­– has become more critical than ever to the success of your veterinary practice. To meet this growing demand, VetSummit has assembled three days of engaging CE sessions led by a range of industry thought leaders discussing important topics such as practice management, medical techniques, staff wellness, and more.”
  • Although some events are going hybrid, this will be fully virtual, and the content will remain on demand for up to a year after the event.
  • The speakers this year are Author and Speaker Temple Grandin, 2019 VMX Speaker of the Year Dr. Dave Nicol, and Harvard Business School Professor Francis Frei.
  • Article posted by VetSummit.com


More Calls For the Veterinary Field to Face Systemic Racism Head On

  • An ongoing theme in our weekly veterinary industry review has been the need for more diversity in the veterinary field, and this article by dvm360 takes a deep dive into ways this can be done as well as the heightened need for this in light of what’s going on in our nation.
  • From the article: “According to 2018-2019 data from the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC), only 2.1% of veterinary school applicants are Black.2 ‘I was only 1 of 5 [Black students] in my class of 127,’ says BlackDVM Network founder and 2020 graduate Tierra Price, DVM. ‘I felt pretty alone and distant from other students who looked like me and decided to create an Instagram page to bring us together.’”
  • The article outlines the #WakeUpVetMed initiatives that have been put forth by the AVMA to add diversity.
  • Article posted by dvm360


The AAHA Adds An Accreditation For Euthanasia Speciality

  • The accreditation has been added as an attempt to ensure hospice care for pets is to the best level it can be and also to increase the animal-human bond.
  • From the article: “‘Today’s pet owners view their pets as family members,’ says AAHA’s deputy chief executive officer, Janice L. Trumpeter, DVM. ‘A poor euthanasia experience can irreparably damage the bond that a pet owner shares with their veterinary practice and the entire health-care team. End-of-Life Care accreditation will help veterinary teams provide appropriate supportive and emotional care during these difficult periods, further enhancing and strengthening the human-animal bond.’”
  • Article posted by Veterinary Practice News


Cranky Clients? Don’t Ditch ‘Em - Transform ‘Em

  • Grumpy clients are inevitable and, unfortunately, with the stress and anxiety that everyone is under during this pandemic, they are seemingly everywhere right now.
  • This is a great article by Today’s Veterinary Business, as the article offers three suggestions: Connect, Contain, and Recruit.
  • Connect means you breathe, empathize, take time to respond, and listen. Contain means empathizing while also being clear that you’re not going to take abusive behavior. And recruit means that, if something positive has happened, put it on social media and then let others bask and share in it.
  • Article posted by Today’s Veterinary Business


Valuable Pet News For Your Clients

Topical stories your clients will want to hear...

Cats and Dogs Can, Indeed, Live in Harmony

  • A new study suggests using pheromone diffusers can, well, diffuse the often tense situation between cats and dogs.
  • From the article: “Over the six weeks of the study, significant declines were reported in a number of undesirable behaviors: the dog barking at the cat, the dog and the cat staring at each other, the dog chasing the cat and the cat running away, and the cat hiding from the dog.”
  • Those households that used cat pheromone diffusers saw their cats become more relaxed, while those using a dog pheromone diffuser saw an increase in dog relaxation.
  • Article Posted by TheBark.com


There Are Steps You Can Take to Help Kids With Pet Allergies to Hold Onto Their Pets

  • From the article: “For people with pet allergies, exposure to these allergens can lead to various symptoms. The most common symptoms include sneezing; runny nose; itchy, red or watery eyes; nasal congestion; and postnasal drip. In a child, you may see frequent rubbing of the nose. For those with a history of asthma, symptoms also may include coughing, wheezing, chest tightness or shortness of breath. In some people, skin symptoms may occur in the form of itchy skin, hives or eczema.”
  • The good thing is there are steps pet owners can take to help, such as encouraging the child to wash their hands after a pet or play session, establishing a dander-free zone (likely their bedroom, so the dog would have to keep out), and the use oral antihistamines and nasal corticosteroids.
  • Article posted by Wahoo Newspaper



Lighter pet stories to provide much-needed cheer in difficult times...

Johnny Carson’s Best Animal Moments

  • If you’re too young to remember Johnny Carson’s interactions with animals from his time as The Tonight Show host, you will definitely want to check out this week’s feel-good video.
  • From orangutan laughs and monkey kisses to baby cheetah love and a fright from a tarantula, this video will have you howling.
  • Video posted by Facebook


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