The GeniusVets Show with Dr. Robert Gribble

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Join us as we talk with Dr. Robert Gribble, owner, veterinarian, and practice manager of Vets of East Texas.

Key Takeaways

  • Dr. Gribble achieves very high per veterinarian production levels by having high staff support ratios (up to 10-14 staff per vet)
  • This allows vets to focus on higher revenue-generating activities while staff handles other tasks
  • Vets may need to accept a lower percentage commission (e.g. 15% instead of 20%) to fund the additional support staff
  • Building out detailed website content on services like dental care for dogs/cats can drive more client visits

Trends - Flat or Declining Visit Counts

  • Many areas seeing flat or negative invoice/visit count growth post-COVID
  • Theories: COVID dog ownership boom fading, economic pressures reducing expendable income
  • Driving visit counts should be a major focus

Threats - Economic Pressures & Expendable Income

  • As expendable income shrinks, veterinary spending (seen as non-essential) declines
  • Offering financing options like CareCredit may help counter this

Opportunity - Increasing Per Veterinarian Production

  • Dr. Gribble's vets produce $1M+ annually by leveraging very high support staff ratios (10-14 staff per veterinarian)
  • This allows vets to focus solely on the highest revenue-generating activities
  • Requires moving away from the 20% production pay model to fund additional staff
  • 15% of much higher production can exceed 20% of lower production in dollars

Next Steps

  1. Explore having Dr. Gribble present his "Million Dollar Veterinarian" talk as a webinar
  2. Focus on building out service content pages (e.g. dog dental care) to drive website traffic/visits
  3. Ensure practice is consistently producing 10 minute video interviews weekly to populate service pages

It's no secret that the past two years have been a roller coaster ride for veterinary practice owners. But the truth is right now is the greatest opportunity of your lifetime to grow and strengthen your veterinary practice for years to come.

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How do doctors and staff find and evaluate you before applying? What is the complete customer journey for your clients? And how can your practice better support these people in every step they take?

Knowing the answers to these questions and implementing strategies to support them can be transformational to your veterinary practice, leading to increased workplace satisfaction, happier clients, and significantly higher profit margins.

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