Veterinary Marketing and building stronger bonds with community.

Building Stronger Bonds: How Veterinary Practices Can Connect with their Local Pet Services Community

The veterinary community is a vital component of pet care, responsible for the health and well-being of our furry friends. But when it comes to providing comprehensive pet services, veterinarians don't operate in isolation. They rely on a network of pet-related businesses, including dog trainers, groomers, boarding facilities, and more, to ensure pets receive the best care possible. However, there's often a disconnect between these businesses. In this blog, we'll explore the importance of connecting with your local pet services community and offer creative ways for veterinary practices to build these crucial relationships.

Breaking Down Barriers

In many cases, the veterinary world can feel like a separate entity from the broader pet services community. This "us vs. them" mentality can hinder collaboration and the flow of information. When a veterinary practice takes the initiative to reach out to other businesses, it helps break down this wall and fosters a sense of unity and shared purpose. Like it or not, pet owners ask their groomers, dog trainers, and other pet services for pet care advice, they are seen as a trusted source.

One significant benefit of building these relationships is that other businesses will be more likely to refer sick or injured animals to your practice. Rather than simply recommending at-home treatments, they can confidently send their clients to you, knowing they'll receive top-notch care and their clients will be cared for.

Identifying Potential Partners

The first step in building connections with your local pet services community is identifying potential partners. Start by making a list of businesses in your area that cater to pet owners. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Dog Trainers: These professionals work closely with pet owners for weeks and can recommend your practice for health-related concerns or check-ups.
  • Groomers: Groomers often have regular contact with pets and their owners, making them valuable sources of referrals.
  • Boarding Facilities: When pet owners go on vacation or need a place to board their pets temporarily, these facilities can suggest your practice for any medical needs.
  • Pet Sitters/Dog Walkers: Similar to boarding facilities, pet sitters and dog walkers can recommend your practice to their clients.
  • Pet Supply Stores: These stores are frequented by pet owners and can serve as an excellent source of referrals. Although they can be the more challenging of partners, once you build that relationship, they can be a huge source of referrals.
  • Pet Photographers: They capture cherished moments with pets and can mention your practice during photo sessions.

Remember that it's not just about connecting with these businesses; it's about connecting with the people behind them. Personal relationships are the foundation of successful partnerships. Many of these businesses require vaccination or other prevention for the pet to come to receive services.

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Initiating Contact

Once you've identified potential partners, it's time to initiate contact. Here are some strategies to get started:

  • Attend Local Events: Participate in local pet-related events, such as adoption fairs, dog shows, or charity fundraisers. These gatherings provide excellent opportunities to meet and connect with other businesses in a relaxed environment.
  • Offer a Tour: Invite your potential partners to tour your veterinary hospital. This can provide them with insights into your facilities and the level of care you provide. It's also an opportunity to answer any questions they may have.
  • Host Networking Events: Consider hosting networking events or workshops for pet service providers in your area. These events can facilitate connections and knowledge sharing.
  • Stop in for a visit: Depending on the business, call to schedule a time to stop in to speak to the team and learn about them and what services they offer. In turn, they will want to learn about your practice. Earn bonus points by bringing goodies.
  • Create a Referral Program: Develop a referral program that benefits your partners in some way. For example, offer them gift certificates or discounts for pet care services at your practice when they refer clients to you. This incentive can motivate them to actively refer their clients to your practice.

Creative Ways to Build Relationships

In addition to the above strategies, here are some creative ways to strengthen your relationships with the local pet services community:

  • Collaborative Workshops: Host joint workshops or seminars that educate pet owners on topics like pet nutrition, behavior, or healthcare. Invite trainers, groomers, and other service providers to co-present with you.
  • Pet Health Fair: Organize a pet health fair where different businesses can set up booths to showcase their services. This event can draw pet owners and create a sense of camaraderie among service providers.
  • Share Educational Resources: Create and share educational resources, such as brochures or online articles, that can be used by your partners to educate their clients. Ensure that these resources prominently feature your practice's contact information.
  • Social Media Collaborations: Collaborate on social media campaigns and promotions. Cross-promote each other's businesses to expand your reach and engage with a broader audience.
  • Community Involvement: Get involved in community events and charity initiatives that are important to both your practice and your partners. This not only showcases your commitment to the community but also provides opportunities for joint participation.
  • Loyalty Programs: Develop loyalty programs for your partners' clients. Offer special discounts or incentives to their customers who become your clients as well.
  • Regular Check-Ins: Maintain regular communication with your partners. Send them updates about your practice, share interesting pet-related articles, and inquire about their business and how you can assist each other.

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The Benefits of Stronger Relationships

Building stronger relationships with the local pet services community can yield numerous benefits for your veterinary practice:

  • Increased Referrals: As mentioned earlier, when pet service providers trust and know your practice, they are more likely to refer their clients to you.
  • Enhanced Reputation: Collaborating with reputable businesses can boost your practice's reputation and credibility within the community.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Partnerships facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices, benefiting both your practice and your partners.
  • Expanded Client Base: By tapping into your partners' networks, you can access a wider pool of potential clients.
  • Stronger Community Ties: Collaborative efforts create a sense of unity and support within the pet services community, which can lead to positive community engagement.


Connecting with your local pet services community is not just about expanding your client base; it's about fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility in ensuring the well-being of pets. By reaching out to other businesses in your area, offering tours of your hospital, and implementing referral programs, you can strengthen these crucial relationships.

Moreover, by thinking creatively and finding ways to collaborate, you can build a network of partners willing to refer clients and actively support your practice. The benefits of these stronger relationships extend beyond the bottom line and contribute to a thriving, interconnected pet care ecosystem that benefits pets and their owners alike. So, take the initiative, reach out, and watch your practice thrive through the power of community and collaboration.