Can my indoor cat get heartworm?

Can my indoor cat get heartworm? - Four Paws At Fulshear

Let's consider a scenario where a significant portion of my time is spent indoors. While I do appreciate the outdoors, it often feels like I practically reside within the clinic, resulting in an indoor-centric lifestyle. Of course, not everyone finds themselves indoors as frequently. Yet, an intriguing aspect emerges—I still find myself susceptible to mosquito bites even within the confines of indoor spaces. This phenomenon is particularly notable during the spring season, a period well-recognized by Houston residents for its mosquito activity. These relentless insects tend to congregate around front doors, poised for an opportunistic incursion. Once inside, they encounter limited options for their dietary needs—humans, dogs and cats. These three entities present themselves as prospective sources for a blood meal. Naturally, mosquitoes exhibit a pragmatic approach, selecting their host based on availability, driven by the primal instinct for survival. Consequently, it's prudent to acknowledge that the risk of mosquito bites persists even in households with predominantly indoor-dwelling pets.

Can my indoor cat get heartworm? - Loch Haven Veterinary Hospital

Unfortunately, here in Florida, we still get mosquitoes inside, so yes, it is very likely that your cat could potentially come in contact with them.