Here in Denton, we really love our pets! Denton County is a fantastic place to live, and it has been a great destination for people and pets. From dog parks to fun pet-friendly festivals, you will find that Denton is a fantastic place to live and visit—especially if you have dogs and other animals.

The city’s hot, humid summers mean that people really come out in the summer. For the avid pet lover, spending time outdoors is a lot of fun throughout the year.

Denton has many local events in our little slice of paradise, and some are even pet related. The music scene is alive and well in Denton, as you can see in the 35 Denton Music Festival, Denton Arts and Jazz Festival, and North Texas State Fair and Rodeo. We have a huge cowboy culture, which adds to the fun and exciting vibe of the city. Our city also hosts the country’s biggest community garden.

The economy of Denton is also richly diverse. Local industries include education, healthcare, social services, manufacturing, and general retail. The biggest employers in Denton include the University of North Texas, Denton Independent School District, Peterbilt Motors, Denton State Supported Living Center, and Texas Woman’s University. The city and county also hire a decent number of people.

Denton was created thanks to a land grant in 1846. About 20 years later, the city was incorporated as a city, making things official. The city was named after John B. Denton, the captain of a Texas militia. In 1881, the city got its first railroad, and less than 10 years later it had its first university. The railroad allowed our city to grow tremendously, and the development of nearby highways has made it very easy for our city to have access to other major cities.

Many notable people have made a home in Denton. They include NBA player Mario Bennett, mayor Bob Castleberry, actress Morgan Fairchild, Miss America Shirley Cothran, jazz musician Herschel Evans, Miss America Phyllis George, cellist Ralph Kirshbaum, and MLB pitcher Corey Knebel.

The population of Denton is 136,268. Most of the population is urban, though some are rural. The population has grown by over 69 percent since the year 2000. One thing is for sure: we love living in Denton and enjoy seeing our city develop into a bigger destination with more pets and people.