Pet Care Information and Veterinarians in Dallas , Texas

Pets are really important to us here in Dallas and we have a very special connection to every veterinarian in Dallas.

The Dallas lifestyle extends beyond the cowboy stereotypes. While Dallas is all about the Cowboys NFL team, locals life for much more than that. Locals and visitors both love to visit the Texas School Book Depository for a taste of history in addition to the Dallas Botanical Gardens and Dallas World Aquarium.

Dallas is one of the most popular cities in the Lone Star State, especially because it is part of such a large metropolitan area. Big D is also known for Kalita Humphreys Theater, which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

The economy of Dallas is diverse and based on defense, finances, information technology, transportation, and telecommunication. Some major companies got their starts in Dallas too, including nationwide convenience store 7-Eleven. Several medical centers make a home in Dallas, including the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

While dangerous wild animals are not legal in Texas, Dallas does have its fair share of exotic pets. In fact, veterinarians in Dallas see many reptiles, birds, and pocket pets in addition to cats and dogs. Some exotic pet shops will provide animals for parties and events for educational purposes.

Of course, Dallas also has to implement specific rules to keep pets and humans as safe as possible. Here are a few rules you must abide by if you live in Dallas:

Dallas has no pet limits on birds, rodents, and fish; however, a limit of four dogs and cats is imposed on apartments and townhomes. In single-family homes, you may have six or eight cats and dogs based on how much acreage you have. You may face criminal charges if you allow an unsecured dog to cause bodily injury to a person or domestic animal.

You can read more about Dallas animal-related ordinances on the city’s website.

Once you know the local regulations for caring for an animal, you might feel ready to take on another pet. Are you ready to accept another loving animal into your home? These organizations may provide a great way to get started:

Dallas Animal Services SPCA Dog n Kitty City Dallas Pets Alive Dallas Companion Animal Project

Of course, many people want to take their pets out for the day, or even for a night out on the town. The Dallas Park and Recreation Department operates four different off-leash parks in the city. They include Bark Park Central, White Rock Lake Dog Park, Wagging Tail, and North Bark.

Dallas also hosts a number of annual events during which pets are welcome to enjoy the festivities as well. Dogs and Beer at CBC is a great event for adoptions, drinking, and dining with your favorite pooch. The event is hosted by Dallas Pets Alive and Community Beer Company. Dog Day Afternoon offers a great opportunity to swim with your dog, so long as you have proof of city registration.

As one of the most populated cities in the country, Dallas is home to approximately $1.3 million according to 2016 estimates. This shows some growth since 2014. Veterinarians in Dallas are sure to see growth in their clientele thanks to the increasing city population. In fact, the entire Dallas metropolitan area, which also includes Arlington, Irving, and Fort Worth, is among the fastest growing metros in the country.

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