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Our products are designed around the idea of higher level care. Our warm, quiet and durable products for all types of animals bring you a professional and highly aesthetic look for your facility. Animals can feel it! Clients can see it! Years of research and development have gone into all of our cages and kennel runs. This includes the Dryer Cages, the Intensive Care Units and the Avian Treatment Cages (also used to treat small animals). We are featured in a number of high quality facilities such as Humane Societies, Animal Boarding, and Pet Stores. Custom is our specialty. If you can imagine or envision it, we can design and build it.



Snyder Manufacturing CO Geniusvets
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Since 1957, Snyder Mfg. Co. has been an originator and innovator in the animal care industry. In an ongoing effort to help veterinarians, humane societies, kennels, and other animal related industries, we continue to generate a variety of products for customers. Often copied but never matched, our quality products are handcrafted with care. Design services and customer support are a high priority within the company, ensuring customers get exactly what they need.

The high pressure laminate-lined cage design that launched the company over forty years ago, has remained intact over the years, because it works well. Similarly, the drying cage design has been unchanged, except to improve components as technology advanced. The company has focused on developing new products, such as the Intensive Care Unit and the Run System, to meet customer needs over the years. Our main aim is to continue to provide the quality products the industry needs on a timely basis at an affordable price. The Cat Cottage and the Avian Treatment Cage lines are two examples of Snyder designs created to meet a true need.


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It is our goal as a manufacturer to continue to provide customers with the very best product. This is a direct result of the vast knowledge and experience the people at Snyder Mfg. Co. have acquired over the years. Veterinary medicine is constantly changing with new discoveries continually being made and we at Snyder are proud to be part of this progress.