Lucca Veterinary Data Security

Helping veterinarians realize the value of their data & helping them to protect it!

01 — Data is more valuable than oil

Including the data in your veterinary hospital! With new data regulations, GDPR, CCPA, Ransomware Payment Sanctions, can make you liable if you get hacked.

“War is 90 percent information” - Napoleon Bonaparte

02 — Failing to plan is planning to fail

The mindset that our “IT guy has us covered” has got to change. Far too many hospitals call us post disaster stating “we thought we had everything backed up!”. Testing your backups in a disaster is the wrong time to test your plan.

When was the last time you tested your backups? What happens if your social media accounts are hacked? What do you do when your email accounts are compromised?

03 — You’re the target because you are small

So many veterinary hospitals don’t think they will be a target because they are small. However a majority of global cyber attacks hit small business. This is because anything under $500,000.00 the F.B.I. won’t investigate. Thus by attacking small businesses cyber criminals can fly under the radar.

04 — Cyber Security doesn’t have to be expensive

A good cyber security plan doesn’t have to be expensive. It requires knowing your weaknesses and having a solid plan in place when a cyber attack occurs.

You’ve worked years to build your clientele. Don’t let someone come in & take it! Start building your cyber security defenses now!