COVID-19 and Veterinary Care

COVID-19 and Veterinary Care

These are unprecedented times for all of us. First and foremost, we hope that you and your family (two legged and four legged) are staying safe and healthy out there.

We’re very grateful for the sake of pets, pet owners and DVMs that veterinarians are considered “essential businesses” by Congress (we agree!)...and thus the majority have the ability to remain open and continue serving their clients. So in most communities your pet should still be able to get the care they need.

We’re working constantly with practices around the country to stay connected, provide support,  and deliver the most useful information to both pet owners and DVMs. We’ll keep this page updated regularly.

Let’s keep working together for the health of our families, our pets, our amazing DVMs, and our communities.

Stay safe out there!


– GeniusVets founders

Harley Orion, CEO
Dr. Michele Drake, Chief Veterinary Officer
David Hall, Chief Strategy Officer

COVID-19 Information and Resources for Pet Owners

The good news is (despite some confusing noise from the media) the risk to your pets from COVID is extremely low, and there is no evidence that you can catch COVID from your pet or someone else’s.

Meanwhile, when it comes to properly caring for your pets during this crazy time, we want to do everything we can to help. As you may be aware, social distancing rules are requiring most veterinary practices to modify how they deliver care.

That’s why as of today we’ve launched a feature which allows practices to indicate on their GeniusVets profile how they are responding to COVID, including the ability to post updated hours or modified services. As this is just launching now, it may take some time for this information to be updated across our platform, as our team works to contact each practice and ensure their information is accurate and up to date. 

Meanwhile, we encourage you to visit the website of your local practice to check for any special circumstances before driving over.


Steps you can take to protect your pet and your DVM

  • Check the GeniusVets profile of your local veterinarian as well as their website for any special rules or circumstances before visiting.
  • If your vet is providing “curbside service” (where they will be taking your pet from your vehicle and returning it to your vehicle after treatment) please do not bring other passengers with you in the vehicle. Come by yourself with your pet.
  • Please be considerate and wear a mask when dropping off your pet.
  • Please be available by cell at all times while your pet is in the DVM’s office.
  • Ensure that your pet is safely secured in an appropriate carrier.
  • Leave sufficient time for your appointment. Some processes are taking longer due to extra security precautions.
  • If you are ill or believe you may have been exposed to COVID-19, ask a friend or family member to bring your pet to the veterinarian for you so you do not expose your vet’s staff. If for any reason you must drop off your pet yourself, and you have been exposed, alert the practice so they can take extra precautions such as wearing additional personal protective equipment or bringing the pet in for a COVID bath before starting the exam.
  • Be kind. Veterinary teams are “first responders” right now – while others are sheltering in place, they are reporting in for work because they care deeply about you and your pet. Please recognize that they are under increased stress right now, and treat them with extra kindness and respect.


DVM-Approved COVID Resources for Pet Owners

GeniusVets COVID-19 Resources for Veterinarians

The unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak has forced veterinary practices to modify how veterinary services are being delivered, and is putting immense pressure on practices medically, financially, and culturally. 

But at the same time, these trying circumstances also create opportunities to build stronger bonds with your clients by continuing to care for their pets despite these challenges.

Of course we're a veterinary communications platform, not a medical organization – we know that as a DVM you're receiving recommendations from national and state associations as well as other governing bodies. Our goal is specifically to bring you solutions that support your brand, your communications, and your community engagement during these difficult times.

We’ve created several resources to assist you:

Your GeniusVets Profile

Your GeniusVets Profile

GeniusVets profiles now allow you to communicate the status of your operations and any special COVID-related message you’d like to share. Please ensure you claim and update your profile or contact our GeniusVets support team for help.


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GeniusVets Webinars

GeniusVets Webinars

We have launched a series of webinars addressing COVID-19 and how leading practices are surviving and even thriving. Click below to watch past webinars and register for future ones.


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Private Facebook Group

Private Facebook Group

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” So please join our private Facebook page, “Success Strategies for Veterinary Practices,” where you can network with other professionals and talk directly with our experts as we all navigate this together.


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