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GeniusSites: Websites that Empower Your Practice

Veterinary Websites

Easy to Update

Built from the ground up specifically for veterinary practices, our platform perfectly meets your needs, helping you get more done in less time.

Ready to Promote

Built to deliver the best in search engine optimization, local search, social media and analytics. GeniusVets websites are ready to grow with your practice.

Fully Maintained

GeniusVets provides maintenance, performance monitoring, daily backups, ongoing site updates, technical support and world-class hosting.




Make An Incredible First Impression

Highly Optimized For Performance, Features, Ease of Use and Visitor Experience

The GeniusVets web platform has been designed from the ground up with every feature a veterinary website needs. GeniusSites are designed to deliver an engaging and intuitive experience for your clients, and highly optimized to achieve top search results in Google. With every step of your customer journey in mind, your GeniusVets website will help prospective local clients move down the path toward becoming your customer.


Fresh, Modern, Engaging and
Customized To Your Practice

  • Created by top talent with decades of web design experience
  • Fresh, clean style on the cutting edge of veterinary website design
  • Powerful customization system to match the personality of your practice

The bottom line: GeniusVets websites give your veterinary practice the look and quality of a high-end custom site, at a fraction of the cost.


Mobile Friendly

Your GeniusVets site works seamlessly across all devices, from desktop to tablet to smartphone. Over 60% of website visits now take place via mobile devices. Your site needs to be optimized for these users, or they will be left with a poor impression.  In addition, Google has moved to a "mobile first index," meaning that your site's ability to rank well in Google search results is based on the quality of your site for mobile visitors. So there's never been a more urgent time to "go mobile".

Service, Maintenance and Support

All website software needs periodic updates in order to remain stable, reliable, and secure. GeniusVets provides ongoing site updates, upgrades and maintenance as a standard part of our hosting package. We also provide technical support to ensure your team can manage your site with confidence.


Take Your Practice To The Next Level

Is your website difficult to update? Has your site become stale? An easy to manage website is able to deliver powerful results with benefits that go far beyond the website itself. A great website can translate into a stronger bond of community with your clients, and a sense of empowerment and accomplishment for your management and staff. 

That's why at GeniusVets, we've built the best veterinary-focused website platform in the industry today. Our team of professional designers, programmers and content creators are ready to build the perfect website for your practice.



How it Works

Creating your GeniusSite couldn't be simpler. We'll go through three major steps together.

Step 1: Information Gathering

Our simple information gathering process is unlike anything you've seen. If you've worked with agencies or freelancers before, prepare to be astounded by how quickly and painlessly we can gather the needed information to get your project started.

 Step 2: Site Presentation

After gathering your information, we will build out a unique, branded, customized GeniusSite for you to review. Then we'll look through it together and note any revisions or updates that are needed.

 Step 3:  Site Launch

Once any changes are handled, we'll take your new site live! That's when the real fun begins, as you can start to use your new site to promote and grow your practice.

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From the very start of our relationship the team members at GeniusVets have been responsive, dependable and committed to exceeding my expectations. GeniusVets outperformed expectations while also competently guiding me throughout the process. I'm happy and grateful.

Zach Melton, Director of Operations, Edgewood Animal Hospital