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Pets are really important to us here in Arlington and we have a very special connection to every veterinarian in Arlington.

Arlington, which is part of Tarrant County, is part of Texas’s Mid-Cities region. It is just 12 miles east of Fort Worth and 20 miles west of Dallas. The humid subtropical weather allows for hot summers and slightly cool winters, creating the perfect opportunity to take pets outside for recreation.

Arlington is one of the most diverse cities in the nation, and it shows in the lifestyle of the locals. The city is forward-thinking with a mix of families, professionals, and entrepreneurs. All of this culminates in fantastic opportunities for dining, entertainment, recreation, and of course, spending time with your favorite family members (pets included).

The city is perhaps best known as the home of the University of Texas Arlington, Arlington Assembly plant, and American Mensa. Each year, Arlington also hosts the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers.

Arlington’s economy is based on industries like health care and social assistance, retail trade, educational services, oil, agriculture, and utilities. Major employers in Arlington include Arlington Independent School District, the University of Texas at Arlington, General Motors, Texas Health Resources, and Six Flags Over Texas. The median household income in the city is $57,000.

Arlington is home to a variety of pets, though dogs and cats still reign supreme. Veterinarians in Arlington may expect to see bearded dragons, snakes, chinchillas, sugar gliders, and more.

Of course, pet ownership also comes with a sense of responsibility. Arlington pet ordinances and laws require that you:

Control barking dogs to ensure all community members maintain a higher quality of life. License your dogs and cats, for which you need proof of rabies vaccination and proof of spay or neuter. Maintain control over your dog at all times in public.

Want to learn more about Arlington’s pet codes and laws? Visit the municipal code website.

When you are ready to adopt a pet, your next step is to look for a shelter or organization that offers pets. This just a taste of the local offerings for pets in Arlington:

Arlington Animal Services

Arlington Humane Society

Brave Heart Animal Rescue


Arlington is also home to plenty of destinations where you can explore with your favorite four-legged friends. Tails n Trails Dog Park offers a total of 5.7 acres to explore. One part of the park is for big dogs and the other is for smaller pets. When you visit the dog park ensure that you bring no more than three dogs, keep the gate closed at all times, clean up after your pet, and keep your dogs under your control at all times. Rush Creek Dog Park is another fun location with plenty of shade, lots of acreage, and places to sit.

Many local events allow you to spend time with your beloved pets outside. The Second Annual Braveheart Dog Walk of the Dead Zombie 5K allows you to celebrate Halloween with your pooch. The event helps sponsor the Braveheart Animal Rescue. In Arlington, you have plenty of ways to celebrate with your pet. Additionally, some veterinarians in Arlington offer low-cost pet health events throughout the year.

Today’s estimates show that Arlington’s population is nearly 393,000 people. This makes Arlington the seventh most populous city in Texas, and the growth is sure to continue—especially when you consider the number of cats, dogs, and other animals that are sure to come with new residents.

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Here in Arlington, we love our pets. We love taking our pets on long walks, visiting local dog parks, and enjoying the amazing weather in our own backyards.

Arlington is a Tarrant County city in the Mid-Cities portion of Texas, which contains Dallas and Forth Worth as well. In fact, Arlington is just 12 miles east of Fort Worth and 20 miles west of Dallas. Arlington has a humid subtropical climate, which means the region experiences hot, humid summers and mild, cool winters. Most rain falls in April and May.

One of the biggest features of Arlington is Six Flags Over Texas, a theme park with a variety of rides for the entire family to enjoy. Additionally, the city is home to the Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame, making Arlington the headquarters for all things bowling. Other local attractions include Theatre Arlington, the Arlington Museum of Art, and Levitt Pavilion. And of course, Arlington is also home to the Texas Rangers baseball team and the Dallas Cowboys NFL team.

Arlington offers a suburban atmosphere, but it still has all the amenities of a larger city—annual events and festivals included. For example, Downtown Arlington hosts movie nights, trivia, and other fun. Other events include Art on the Greene, comedy nights, outdoor concerts, and Fourth of July fireworks.

The most notable industries in Arlington include health care, social assistance, retail, education, oil, and agriculture. The top employers in Arlington include Arlington Independent School District, the University of Texas at Arlington, Six Flags Over Texas, Texas Health Resources, General Motors, and The Parks at Arlington.

The first European settlement in Arlington dates back to the 1840s after a battle between a Texas general and a group of Native Americans. Because the area had such rich soil, farmers were able to make a living in the area throughout the 1800s. By the 1900s, the city offered a public school, natural gas, electricity, and water. In the 1950s, Arlington became home to an assembly plant for General Motors. The city population followed.

You may have noticed that Arlington is also the name of a city in Virginia. In fact, the Arlington in Texas is named after that city as an homage to General Robert E. Lee’s hometown. Another little-known fact is that Arlington was a major gambling destination throughout the 1930s and 40s.

The population of Arlington is estimated to be 392,772, which makes it the seventh most populous city in Texas. The growing population means not only more people moving to the area but also more pets.