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Veterinary Marketing

Marketing Strategies

Combining industry-leading expertise in effective digital marketing with decades of experience managing highly successful veterinary practices

Content Libraries

 In-depth, high-quality veterinary service pages, breed information, blog articles, advertisements, social posts and veterinary promotions

Powerful Tools

 Easy-to-use performance analytics, call tracking, business directory optimization, review management and social profile management

How-To Videos

A huge on-demand library of short how-to videos explaining exactly what buttons to press in order for you to take full advantage of GeniusVets

Veterinary Marketing Platform

Veterinary Marketing Strategies

GeniusVets gives veterinary practices a set of marketing strategies, tools and processes that are typically reserved for six figure budgets... Giving you all the power, streamlined for ease of use, the GeniusVets Marketing Platform delivers:

  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization strategies to help your website reach the top of Google search results
  • UXO: User Experience Optimization, consistently testing, tracking and improving visitor engagement
  • Local: Optimization of business directories, localizing content and improving local rankings
  • Social: Social post libraries and best practices around post types, frequency, times and engagement
  • PPC: Pay Per Click marketing highly targeted to local pet owners with multiple touch points to increase ROI
  • Promotions: Using promotions and advanced marketing funnel strategies to support the customer journey


Veterinary Content Libraries

GeniusVets has created an incredible library of veterinary content to ensure that your website reaches the top of Google search results and is a valuable information resource to pet owners. Our content libraries include:

  • Service Pages: In-depth information relating to over 80 services that veterinarians commonly offer
  • Breed Pages: Breed information on over 60 common dog and cat breeds
  • Blog Posts: A large and ever-growing library of interesting veterinary blog posts
  • Social Posts: Hundreds of social posts including images, memes, infographics, videos, articles and more
  • Promotions: Promotional ideas based on what's been working for other practices around the country


Veterinary Marketing Tools

In our marketing platform, we've taken incredibly sophisticated and powerful processes and made them so "push-button simple" that anyone can easily market like a genius. Our marketing platform includes:

  • Analytics DashboardsTurning important and insightful Google Analytics Data into easy to understand charts and graphs
  • Call Tracking: Call reports and recordings give you insights into the effectiveness of your marketing and exchanges between clients and staff
  • Directories: Claiming and optimizing directory listings to ensure accuracy and satisfy Google
  • Reviews: Encouraging, gathering, spreading and tracking client reviews on the web and curating them for your website
  • Social: Scheduling, managing, interacting with and tracking results from social posts across all of your social networks

How-To Videos

Our extensive library of how-to videos can quickly turn anyone into a veterianry marketing expert. Whether you are the type who likes a get up to speed with a crash course or you prefer to only learn what you need to know, once you need to know it... GeniusVets on-demand video library allows you to instantly discover what buttons to press to find veterinary marketing success.

Smart and sophisticated strategies

Powerful yet easy-to-use tools

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