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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can help your veterinary practice build relationships with pet owners all around you.

But, in order to take advantage of these channels, you need have an understanding of the tools and strategies involved.


Hands-on, engaging training in all aspects of marketing; to empower you and your team to grow your practice.


We're proud to participate in quality veterinary conferences around the country.

Client Education

With GeniusVets, you'll always be learning.  We are committed to putting in the time it takes to truly educate our clients and keep you informed.

Information that is worth your attentinon.

Some facts about your clients:

  • The average American adult spends over 20 hours per week online.
  • 97% of consumers research online before contacting a local service business.
  • 88% of consumers read online reviews before contacting a local business.
  • 92% of small and medium businesses (SMBs) say that social media is important to their business.

Your website, social profiles and reviews are now responsible for the first impression that over 90% of new clients will have of your business. 

The good news is...

Many veterinary practices have been slow to invest in digital marketing and that has left the door open to practices who jump in with both feet. By taking action now it will be easier to outperform your competitors and build a lead before they start to catch up.

The power of great marketing isn't new. Great marketing has always separated top performing companies from rest of the pack. What has changed is the channels and tools that are used to deliver those great marketing strategies, and these new channels are so much cheaper and easier to use, that truly great marketing is now within reach for veterinary practices just like yours!

This truly is a time of immense opportunity and GeniusVets is here to guide you along.

It starts with getting you and your team educated!

The most successful veterinary practices embrace a culture of constant education. Of course, a practice owner and various team members play different roles and therefore need to know different types of information when it comes to digital marketing. For instance:

  • Practice owners must have at least a high level understanding of the strategies and resources involved, and be able to set appropriate goals and expectations to support their team and measure success.
  • Practice managers need to understand everything that the owner does and then some. Practice managers should have a working knowledge about digital marketing processes so that they can effectively oversee digital marketing initiatives and manage team members.
  • Marketing personnel within the practice would include anyone who is responsible for or actively involved with any aspect of your marketing. There may be various members of your team who participate in different ways, but they should understand the purpose, goals, steps for implementation, how success will be judged and how that information can be used to inform future marketing initiatives.


Get plugged into veterinary marketing education

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No longer can veterinarians bury their heads in the sand about marketing. The GeniusVets seminar was informative and concise...they will give me a strategic advantage over my competition.

Dr. David Brunner, Practice Owner - Broad Ripple Animal Clinic