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A New Year’s Message from the GeniusVets Founders
As business owners, the start of a new year is a time to take stock of what we’ve accomplished – and to commit to what we’ll accomplish in the coming year.  2018 was a year of tremendous growth both for us and for our clients.  It was also a year of consolidation and corporatization in the veterinary industry.  Supporting independent practices – and helping them to thrive – has never been more vital than it is today.
8 Marketing Resolutions Your Practice Should Make in 2019
By now, you’ve probably already outlined a few personal goals you’d like to achieve in the upcoming year. Why not set some for your business as well? The team at GeniusVets has a few ideas that will help you market like a genius in 2019.
GeniusVets Summit 2018

This fall, your GeniusVets team took a few days to convene and introspect, all in the name of improving what we offer you! The 2018 GeniusVets Summit was a time for us to reflect on how far we’ve come, plus plan for what’s next. We looked at facts, figures, and data, but we considered the human and animal elements of our work as well.

The (Basic) Art of Twitter for Veterinary Marketing
Twitter is one of the easiest social platforms to use; plus it’s fast-paced and exciting. When you have major marketing platforms like Facebook and Instagram established, Twitter can be a fun and useful addition to your social playbook. But, as you’ve no doubt heard, careless Tweets can create a lot of negative fallout. So, before you start using Twitter, let us help you with best practice tips, along with a list of common mistakes to avoid.
Being Festive on Social: Vet Practice Do’s and Don’ts
It’s the most wonderful time of the year, a time where your clients are wrapped up in the joys of the magical holiday season. Between family get-togethers, travel, and shopping, pet parents are less likely to have their pets’ health top of mind. The good news is incorporating festive content into your social media and digital marketing can help you stay on your clients’ radar during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Join us as we explore the best ways to be festive on your vet practice’s social media outlets. 
6 Reasons Infographics Should be Part of Your Vet Practice's Content Strategy
By Gabrielle Seltzer, Social Media Manager and Jake Byrnes, Director of Optimization It is no secret that highly visual content is one of the best ways you can capture the attention of your followers. In fact, according to research, social media posts that feature infographics generate 3 times more engagement than plain text posts. There are many applications for infographics within a veterinary practice and a myriad of benefits stemming from the use of infographics in your online marketing efforts.