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6 Reasons Infographics Should be Part of Your Vet Practice's Content Strategy
By Gabrielle Seltzer, Social Media Manager and Jake Byrnes, Director of Optimization It is no secret that highly visual content is one of the best ways you can capture the attention of your followers. In fact, according to research, social media posts that feature infographics generate 3 times more engagement than plain text posts. There are many applications for infographics within a veterinary practice and a myriad of benefits stemming from the use of infographics in your online marketing efforts.
A Message of Appreciation for You, From Our CEO and the GeniusVets Team

As we head into the holidays, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge what we’ve achieved together, and thank every one of you for the role you’ve played in helping to transform veterinary marketing.

We’re very grateful that you’ve entrusted the marketing of your practice to us, and we will continue to push ourselves to deliver the most effective, evidence-based marketing strategies available in the industry.

Avoid Veterinary Jargon to Get the Most out of Your Digital Marketing Content

By Shannon Pecora, MA, Marketing Manager

Clarity in communication is vital to your work as a veterinarian. Whether you're giving discharge instructions to clients or prescription doses to your technicians, choosing just the right words is critical to ensure that you are understood. The health and safety of your patients is your top priority, and clear communication helps you safeguard those pets.

Building Your Practice’s In-House Marketing Team

By Michele Drake, DVM, Chief Veterinary Officer

As the owner-doctor of The Drake Center for Veterinary Care, I have to find ways to make my practice stand out. We’re in an incredibly competitive area: Encinitas, California, right on the coast where everyone wants to live. It’s beautiful and popular, but that means there are a lot of veterinarians here.

The Power of Polls: Using Facebook to Reach, Engage with, and Learn from Local Pet Owners

By Judy Brown, Client Success Manager

Over the past few months, you have probably noticed some interesting changes on Facebook, including their reimagined polls. Whether you have used them before or not, using them now has some great benefits, including how creative you can get with them.

Why Facebook Polls Work

Let’s be real, who doesn’t love answering questions about themselves?!

Oops! 6 Social Media Mistakes for Veterinary Businesses to Avoid

By Shannon Pecora, MA, Marketing Manager

If you have a personal social media account or two, chances are that you’ve posted something that you consider a mistake. Maybe you posted a statement with a typo, or maybe you “fat-thumb” liked something that you actually wholeheartedly disagree with. As a result, you had someone poke a bit of fun at you, or you might have attracted full-on trolling. When this happens on your personal accounts you get to explain yourself and your true friends are likely to quickly forget.