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PPC Marketing for Veterinarians 101
PPC stands for Pay-per-click, which is a form of online advertising that charges you every time someone clicks on your ad. In its basic form, it’s pretty simple right? However, the term PPC has evolved to encompass more than just simple pay-per-click ads. There are a number of different platforms, each with their own ad types, targeting options, and many other intricacies you should know before jumping in with both feet.
VMX 2019 and Our Spotlight on the Independent Veterinary Practice

What a week it was!!!

The GeniusVets co-founders partnered with PSIvet to bring our “Independent 2020” workshop to Orlando this January. We provided insights and strategies -- backed by real, measurable evidence -- for how the independent veterinary practice can use a powerful combination of culture, branding, and digital marketing to not only survive in a climate of consolidation, but also steadily grow.

Stop, Look, and Listen - Veterinarians Should Check and Respond to Online Reviews
Local pet owners have a lot to consider when choosing a veterinary practice to care for their beloved pets. Whether they see your PPC ads, click your social posts, or find your website in Google results, their journey to you is likely to include a check of what other pet owners are saying about your business. They’re going to check your online reviews.
What is “GOOD” Content, and How Does it Help Your Veterinary Business?
Whether we like it or not, Dr. Google is a fact of modern life. When we have questions, want information, or need to solve a problem, we use the internet to discover solutions. The question is, when owners seek answers to their pet health issues, will they find your results online?
Veterinary Marketing 101: How Does Content Marketing Attract Local Pet Owners?
Marketing is not about discounting or selling services to pet owners before properly examining a patient. And if you really want to grow your veterinary practice and tap into the true power of online marketing, you will have to put some advertising budget into getting in front of more local pet owners.  The truth is that highly effective marketing should be a very authentic extension of the mission, culture, and values of your veterinary practice.
A New Year’s Message from the GeniusVets Founders
As business owners, the start of a new year is a time to take stock of what we’ve accomplished – and to commit to what we’ll accomplish in the coming year.  2018 was a year of tremendous growth both for us and for our clients.  It was also a year of consolidation and corporatization in the veterinary industry.  Supporting independent practices – and helping them to thrive – has never been more vital than it is today.