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2018 PSI Business Symposium - That's a Wrap!


This July, the GeniusVets leadership team had the wonderful opportunity to present at the 2018 PSI Business Symposium, helping practice owners and staff understand how to plan, implement, and measure marketing efforts that have been proven to work for the growth of clinics across the country. We asked attendees of the Symposium what they thought about the event this year; here is what they had to say:


Is it Possible to Rank Higher Than #1 in Google?
By Jake Byrnes, Marketing Optimization Specialist Until recently, the only way to position your website above the number one ranked search result was to invest in Google AdWords Search ads, which allow you to pay to have your website show up at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) for specific keywords you define. However, with the ever-evolving search landscape and Google continually announcing new features to the SERPs, there are now more ways than ever to feature your website higher than the standard organic results.
Engagement and Commenting on Facebook

By Judy Brown, Client Success Manager

Is it Okay to Recycle Content on Social Media?

By Judy Brown, Client Success Manager


The simple answer is yes! What you posted yesterday is still good content, and if posted again tomorrow it will still be good content. Next month, next week, or even next year - it will all be the same, GOOD content.

Social Media - DIY for DVMs

By Shannon Pecora, MA, Social Media Manager

Social media is the new word of mouth, and it’s vital for letting local pet owners know about the high-quality veterinary care that you offer. You need to be there as part of an overall business strategy, including:

The Benefits of Veterinary Blogging

By Jake Byrnes, Marketing Optimization Specialist

“Content is king!”

Those 3 words have been true since the inception of the internet, and may be the only aspect of digital marketing that has remained unchanged in that time.