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Dogs, Cats, Pockets, Avians...and Snails? How “Snail Mail” Still Works for Veterinary Marketing
What happens when a pet owner swipes away an email notification as they’re watching a video? What happens when they don’t pick up your practice’s reminder text because they’re driving? Pretty frequently, they can forget to go back to those notifications later. Sometimes, it takes a non-digital medium to capture the attention of local pet owners, whether it’s to reinforce what they see online or to rise above all of the buzz. The perfect complement to all of your digital marketing efforts is surprisingly old school: postal “snail mail.”
How Pay Per Click Marketing Keeps Veterinary Clients Coming Back Again and Again Throughout the Lives of their Pets
When a local pet owner has given you a chance with one appointment, what can you do to keep them coming back? There is no guarantee, unless you take steps to bond them to your practice for a lifetime of great veterinary care. In this article we’ll talk specifically about bringing existing customers back into your practice by way of PPC advertising.
The Role of Information Resources in Building Trust with New Veterinary Clients
People learn in many different ways, and we need to present our recommendations to them via different methods if we’re to provide the best veterinary care. This is true of diagnosis information, treatment options, medication doses, follow up needs, and so much more. Let’s explore how my veterinary staff at The Drake Center for Veterinary Care provides digital, paper, and verbal information to educate our pet owner clients.
Building Trust Through Treatment During Veterinary Appointments
Local pet owners make appointments at your practice, obviously, to seek treatment for their pets, but you can create an exceptional appointment experience by emphasizing trust-building through the care you provide. In addition to quality medicine, your practice should be known for treating patients and clients with integrity, concern, and clarity. Let’s explore how to do this with each appointment.
Veterinary Exam Rooms: Teamwork Strategies for Bonding New Clients to Your Practice
Most of your clients are in those rooms for only about 30 minutes, maybe a handful of times per year. That means you have a limited amount of face-to-face time to create an experience that clients will remember as valuable, engaging, and beneficial. In this article, we’ll look at the teamwork strategies that will make new clients feel welcome and keep your exam rooms filling with appointments.
Veterinary Practice Culture and Staff Training: Aligning Your Team to Provide Great Client Service
Consistent and continuous training will help all of your employees keep fine-tuning those client service skills, as well as reinforce the unique culture of your business. Prioritize these efforts to make every client and patient feel valued and appreciated during their appointments, and you’ll see this pay off in strong, lasting client bonds.