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Your GeniusVets Website Can Help You Hire Like a Genius!

By Harley Orion, CEO & Shannon Pecora, MA, Social Media Manager

The Only Constant is Change...Especially in Digital Marketing

By Harley Orion, CEO & Shannon Pecora, MA, Social Media Manager

The only constant is change...–Attributed to Heraclitus of Ephesus (535 BC – 475 BC)

...especially in digital marketing.–GeniusVets

GeniusReviews just got WAAAAY better!

By Jake Byrnes, Marketing Optimization Specialist & David Hall, Chief Strategist

We are pleased to announce the rollout of our new and improved GeniusReviews dashboard.

Since our inception, GeniusReviews has been an integral component of our GeniusVets veterinary marketing platform, allowing Veterinarians to monitor all their online reviews in one easy-to-use interface.

VMX 2018 - A Look Back

By David Hall, Chief Strategist, & Shannon Pecora, MA, Social Media Manager

Whether or not you attended VMX in Orlando this year, you probably understand that post-convention fog: you spoke to so many vendors for so many products and services that there is a good chance that you now can’t distinguish one from another.

New on your GeniusSite: “Breed” All About It!

By Harley Orion, CEO & Shannon Pecora, MA, Social Media Manager

We’re excited to introduce a new feature to your GeniusVets website: your Breed Content Library! 

This new feature will be provided to all GeniusVets marketing clients at no additional cost as part of our ongoing platform upgrades.

Understanding The Customer Journey

Over the past decade veterinary marketing has completely changed. Mobile phones have put the internet in the palm of everyone’s hand, text messaging and social networks have completely changed the way people communicate, and websites like Yelp have turned everyone into a reviewer… these channels offer opportunities to connect with pet owners in your local community like never before. But, the first step in using these channels effectively is understanding how your clients are using them.