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Encourage Repeat Website Visits AND Repeat Office Visits with Veterinary Blogging
Along with your website service pages, social posts, and physical handouts, you can use blogging as a far-reaching educational tool. Provide local pet owners with high-quality and engaging information that is accessible any time and anywhere. This will motivate your clients to consistently turn to your website for the tips and advice they need to care for their best furry friends every day - and it will keep them coming back to your practice, too.
Information and Guides that Boost Client Compliance for a Lifetime of Great Pet Care
Let’s say a husband brings the family dog to an appointment, and then later at home, his wife has questions about your findings and recommendations. At this point, we don’t have the client or patient in the exam room anymore. How can we be sure that he relays the information exactly? The answer to that is also key to developing bonds and retaining good clients: information, handouts, and guides.
How Can Your Veterinary Practice Implement Forward Booking to Help Retain Clients?
One of the most significant things you could do to change the financial situation of your veterinary practice is to commit to forward booking. This is true of new, smaller clinics as well as established, multi-doctor practices. Forward booking is an automatic step toward client retention, particularly for your newest clients. A forward-booked appointment is a strong signal of intention to visit your practice again.
Dogs, Cats, Pockets, Avians...and Snails? How “Snail Mail” Still Works for Veterinary Marketing
What happens when a pet owner swipes away an email notification as they’re watching a video? What happens when they don’t pick up your practice’s reminder text because they’re driving? Pretty frequently, they can forget to go back to those notifications later. Sometimes, it takes a non-digital medium to capture the attention of local pet owners, whether it’s to reinforce what they see online or to rise above all of the buzz. The perfect complement to all of your digital marketing efforts is surprisingly old school: postal “snail mail.”
How Pay Per Click Marketing Keeps Veterinary Clients Coming Back Again and Again Throughout the Lives of their Pets
When a local pet owner has given you a chance with one appointment, what can you do to keep them coming back? There is no guarantee, unless you take steps to bond them to your practice for a lifetime of great veterinary care. In this article we’ll talk specifically about bringing existing customers back into your practice by way of PPC advertising.
The Role of Information Resources in Building Trust with New Veterinary Clients
People learn in many different ways, and we need to present our recommendations to them via different methods if we’re to provide the best veterinary care. This is true of diagnosis information, treatment options, medication doses, follow up needs, and so much more. Let’s explore how my veterinary staff at The Drake Center for Veterinary Care provides digital, paper, and verbal information to educate our pet owner clients.