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Social Check-ins Add Marketing Meaning to Veterinary Appointments
There is something that happens in this Appointment Stage that can instantly help with bonding and retention of individual clients, advocacy and influence toward pet owners who are considering your practice, plus awareness to attract new clients: social check-ins.
Make Your Veterinary Office Lobby Less “Waiting,” and More “Welcoming”
In a veterinary waiting room, the last thing you want your clients to think about is...well...waiting! Make the first real-life impression of your clinic a great one by making the most of the time before the appointment starts. From front door to exam room door, you can build and strengthen client bonds with a few considerations.
Veterinary Appointment Reminders: New Client Courtesy AND Revenue Safety Net
With every other commitment in people’s busy lives, how do you stay top of mind and ensure that this new client actually shows up -- and truly does become a client? Your appointment reminder system is vital to taming hectic schedules and forgetfulness, and then getting those new clients into your office.
Team Work Makes the Veterinary Marketing Dream Work
While the marketing team may handle the most obvious day to day marketing, everyone who plays a role in your customer’s journey also plays a role in marketing - even if their role isn’t so obvious. By encouraging your team’s participation in marketing, you will be able to leverage your entire team’s strengths and existing client relationships to improve your clients’ experience and relationship with your practice.
Online Reviews & Directory Listings: The Secret Formula Veterinarians Can Use To Supercharge Local SEO
Online business directory listings play a vital role in the journey your customers go through in discovering, evaluating, and engaging with your pet hospital. This means that there is an incredible opportunity here, one that can make a significant difference for your veterinary practice.
Your Website: The Key to Winning the "Consideration" Stage of the Customer Journey

By Harley Orion, CEO

As we continue through the customer journey, we now arrive at the Consideration Stage and your practice’s website.  Your website is a crucial part of the journey, and today, virtually every potential client will stop by there at some point.