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Team Work Makes the Veterinary Marketing Dream Work
While the marketing team may handle the most obvious day to day marketing, everyone who plays a role in your customer’s journey also plays a role in marketing - even if their role isn’t so obvious. By encouraging your team’s participation in marketing, you will be able to leverage your entire team’s strengths and existing client relationships to improve your clients’ experience and relationship with your practice.
Online Reviews & Directory Listings: The Secret Formula Veterinarians Can Use To Supercharge Local SEO
Online business directory listings play a vital role in the journey your customers go through in discovering, evaluating, and engaging with your pet hospital. This means that there is an incredible opportunity here, one that can make a significant difference for your veterinary practice.
Your Website: The Key to Winning the "Consideration" Stage of the Customer Journey

By Harley Orion, CEO

As we continue through the customer journey, we now arrive at the Consideration Stage and your practice’s website.  Your website is a crucial part of the journey, and today, virtually every potential client will stop by there at some point.

Do's and Don'ts: What Pet Owners Should See on Your Social Media When Considering Your Vet Practice
When a potential new client is checking out your social profile, you want them to move from considering you as their veterinarian, to actually booking an appointment. Let’s take a look at the top 3 social platforms for veterinarians and break down what a potential new client should see (and what they shouldn’t see) when they explore your pages. 
How Veterinary Receptionists Turn First-Time Callers into Lifetime Clients

By Michele Drake, DVM, Chief Veterinary Officer and Shannon Pecora, MA, Marketing Manager

Phone calls may be considered the lifeblood of a veterinary practice. The majority of appointment, medication refill, and other requests will come via your phone lines. Often, receptionists will speak to clients -- and potential clients -- more than any other member of your team. Phone inquiries are the perfect opportunity to build and reinforce strong bonds, and that all starts with an amazing first impression.

Clearing up the smoke and mirrors about “custom websites”
There are a lot of articles out there that will tell you the pros and cons of "template websites" versus "custom websites".  Often this discussion misses the point due to a lack of clarity on what these terms really mean in practice. But, to be truly invested 100% in the marketing of your veterinary practice, you’ll a site that lets you "get under the hood" and be a part of the creative process. The ideal solution is not a "template" OR a "custom website" but rather a customized platform that lets you contribute – without learning any complicated new tools.