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A New Year's Message from the GeniusVets Founders

A New Year’s Message from the GeniusVets Founders

As business owners, the start of a new year is a time to take stock of what we’ve accomplished – and to commit to what we’ll accomplish in the coming year.  2018 was a year of tremendous growth both for us and for our clients.  It was also a year of consolidation and corporatization in the veterinary industry.  Supporting independent practices – and helping them to thrive – has never been more vital than it is today.

We’ve had quite a year here at GeniusVets! Just a few highlights:

  • Our clients on average saw their website traffic double this year - with many seeing increases of 300% or more!
  • Another study showed that for every 100% increase in website traffic, our clients saw on average an 80% increase in phone calls coming in through their websites.
  • Based on a study using third-party analytics tools, the organic traffic to GeniusVets’ top 20 clients exceeds that of our five largest competitors combined.

We’ve also navigated some changes over the past year, from Facebook and Google algorithm updates to new rules from Yelp about how you can generate reviews.  We overcame those challenges together by continuing to innovate – insisting that whatever happens in the industry, there is always a solution that will help us win.

The GeniusVets team is excited for 2019!

And this innovation will accelerate in 2019.  Just a few of the things we have in store:

GeniusSites 2.0

We’re extremely excited about this – a full redesign of our website system based on the data and feedback we’ve gathered over three years, which will be unveiled in Q1 2019.  It includes a variety of new visual design themes, as well as enhanced functionality and easier site management.  And this massive upgrade will be free to all GeniusVets clients!

Expanded GeniusVets Academy

We’re growing the Academy with more than ten new courses launching this year – from recruitment and culture to content development, website management and analytics.  It’s never been easier for a veterinarian and their staff to learn exactly how to get real results from smart marketing.

New Content Libraries

Based on your requests, we’re building out a bigger library of social posts and content inspiration libraries, as well as all-new content for promotions to drive the right kind of new clients to your door.

Cheers to 2019 and beyond!GeniusVets Content Network

This is a game-changing new content approach – every GeniusVets client will have the opportunity to syndicate their content across all our sites, and receive a huge SEO boost.  This has been in “beta” for some months, but we’ll be rolling it out big in 2019 and it will further increase our dominance in organic search.


As part of the GeniusVets family, you’re truly among the leaders in the veterinary profession – pioneering bravely in this evolving world of digital marketing, and having the guts and commitment to demand excellence – from us as well as from your own practice team.  We push you to do more, achieve more, and aim higher – and you do the same for us.

Here’s to a new year of growth, success, and accomplishment together!

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