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A message of appreciation from the GeniusVets team

A Message of Appreciation for You, From Our CEO and the GeniusVets Team

As we head into the holidays, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge what we’ve achieved together, and thank every one of you for the role you’ve played in helping to transform veterinary marketing.

We’re very grateful that you’ve entrusted the marketing of your practice to us, and we will continue to push ourselves to deliver the most effective, evidence-based marketing strategies available in the industry.

As independent business owners, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day hustle. For you, it might be an unscheduled emergency drop-off. For us, maybe it’s a Google or Facebook algorithm change. Now and then, it’s important to “take yourself out for coffee” as GeniusVets Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Michele Drake puts it, and reflect back on how far you’ve come.

From our analytics, I know that traffic to our clients’ websites is up an average of 300% over prior years. I’ve also heard anecdotally from many practice owners who have been hiring to keep up with new incoming patients and build stronger practices. I hope you’re taking a moment to pat yourself on the back for that Happy Thanksgiving from the GeniusVets Teamsuccess – you’ve earned it!

In this era of consolidation, independent practices face great challenges. But by building a strong culture and brand, and by using the powerful tools of digital marketing, an independent can truly out-compete any chain. We don’t just believe this – we have the evidence to prove it. 

But the reason all of this works is because of your partnership – working hand-in-hand with the GeniusVets team to ensure your marketing is personal, local, and authentic.

Together, we’ve already begun to impact the industry – and we’re just getting started!

Have a Brilliant Thanksgiving!
~ Harley Orion, GeniusVets CEO

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