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Is it Okay to Recycle Content on Social Media?

Is it Okay to Recycle Content on Social Media?

By Judy Brown, Client Success Manager


The simple answer is yes! What you posted yesterday is still good content, and if posted again tomorrow it will still be good content. Next month, next week, or even next year - it will all be the same, GOOD content.

Not Everyone is Going to See it the First Time You Posted

With how fast brands and people post to social media on a daily basis, and due to the algorithms that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others use to control what flows through everyone’s feed… none of your followers see everything you post, and in fact each individual post is only shown to a very small percentage of your followers. Therefore, those who see what you have shared, the first time you share it, are very unlikely to see the same post when you post it a second, third or fourth time.

Social Flow shows you how unlikely duplicate reach of recycled content is:

Post Recycling Results in Minimal Duplication - Social Flow

Benefits of Recycling Your Content

Reach new followers:

When you consistently post content on social media you drive new followers who likely will not see that flea and tick post from last week.  Reposting content, whether it be 6-months old or from 3-weeks ago, new followers will be seeing it for the first time and getting value from it.

Recycled content can help you reach both your existing clients AND potential new clients

Become more familiar with those who do see it again:

Most people need to see a message several times before it starts to make an impact. It’s like hearing a great new song; the first time you hear it you get far less enjoyment from it than you do once you’ve heard it a few times. Therefore, seeing the same message a few times is actually a very desirable thing from a marketing perspective.

Generate more website traffic:

One of the easiest ways to drive people to your site is through recycling content. From blog posts to service pages, resharing those links with the valuable information attached will not only bring those who have yet to read that content, but also new followers as well.

Make changes to the copy:

Simply put, recycling does not mean you have to use that past content word for word. This gives you an opportunity to put a new spin on what you previously wrote to see what your followers respond best to, for example: positive, funny, serious. Approaching the same message from a different angle will create a much more impactful impression on your audience.

Change your copy to refine your messaging

Recycling Does Not Mean Word for Word

Worried about appearing spammy or losing followers and potentially clients? Don’t fret! Recycling your content from 6-months ago does not mean you simply repost. Have fun and change it up a bit with a new photo, updated content, or even sharing a different link that speaks to the purpose of what you are posting.

How Recycling Differs from Cross-posting

Yes, there is a difference! When you cross-post you are taking content word for word is sharing it across all your social spaces at the same time or on the same day. However, recycling means you are sharing a similar or same piece of content you previously used on Facebook and sharing it again much later down the road. 

Caution! Don’t Over Recycle

While reusing content on social media has its benefits, one downfall would be overuse of that same content. Just like we don’t like reruns on TV, despite them being fun to watch, followers are always looking for new developments.

Another word of caution: be sure the content you recycle is evergreen (meaning it stays relevant throughout the year). It would be odd to see Fourth of July content reshared at New Year’s, even if it is fitting as most areas have fireworks display during those times. 

Don't confuse local pet owners with oddly-timed content

In Conclusion, Recycling is a No Brainer

You should want to get valuable content in front of as many eyes as possible, as many times as possible. Sophisticated and successful marketers know this and recycling is an important part of making that happen. At the same time, be sure that your approach to posting is well balanced with both new and recycled content. Some content certainly has an expiration date, and if you are already a GeniusVets client, you can decide together with your Client Success Manager when to eventually retire it. With a strong library of content from your GeniusVets team, you will always have a pipeline full of great recyclable content, so you never have to worry about running out of content to share.

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