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8 Marketing Resolutions Your Practice Should Make in 2019

8 Marketing Resolutions Your Practice Should Make in 2019

By now, you’ve probably already outlined a few personal goals you’d like to achieve in the upcoming year. Why not set some for your business as well? The team at GeniusVets has a few ideas that will help you market like a genius in 2019.


Track your new client numbersTrack New Clients

The phone is the lifeline of your business, so it only makes sense that tracking calls to your practice should be an essential part of your 2019 marketing playbook. Call tracking allows you to:


  • Count the total number of calls your practice has received from all your different marketing services, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of each one
  • Track the number of calls from new and returning clients
  • Compare month-over-month and year-over-year phone call statistics
  • Record and listen to conversations between your front desk team members and potential clients, ensuring your staff’s client service is up to your practice’s standards

The GeniusVets marketing platform can provide your practice with all these features and many more. 


Create an editorial calendarCreate an Editorial Calendar

Do you often find yourself stressing and scrambling at the last minute to come up with a great social post? Stop! Creating a monthly editorial calendar can help you organize your thoughts and create a strategic game plan to ensure your social channels feature a balanced lineup of educational, entertaining, and service-related content.

At GeniusVets, we arm you with an entire library of social post ideas and starting points to help round out your social calendar—and give you the control to post only the content you want, or make edits to fit your practice’s unique point of view. 


Publish weekly blogsPublish Weekly Blogs

Did you know that blogging can increase the number of visits to your veterinary website by several thousand percent? It’s true—if done right.

But let’s face it, blog writing requires a significant time commitment, and as a veterinary professional, you’re likely stretched pretty thin running your practice as it is. How can we expect you to find time to sit down and write a couple blogs every week?

You don’t have to do it alone. Getting a helping hand with your content from an in-house marketing professional or a full-service partner like GeniusVets can help you take advantage of this highly effective strategy and increase your bottom line—without adding more to your already-full plate.

GeniusVets offers a large and ever-growing library of relevant, timely, and engaging blog content pet owners need and want, as well as in-depth guides on how to create your own.


Schedule your marketing postsSchedule Social Media Posts

Some days, your social content creates itself (hello, back-to-back puppy appointments!). The problem is finding time in your busy day to actually post it.

Once you have your social strategy in place (see resolution #2), stay on top of it by scheduling posts ahead of time. Scheduling will ensure your social media posts are fresh, consistent, and on target with your goals—and eliminate the “social media time suck” so you can focus on other projects.

The GeniusSocial platform can help you effectively schedule posts across all social networks, find new and interesting content, and monitor your social performance.


Brush Up on Your Digital Marketing SkillsBrush Up on Your Digital Marketing Skills

Geniuses never stop learning. Keeping up is key for every successful business—especially when it comes to the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing.

The GeniusVets Academy offers self-paced, online education courses that will help you learn to use your website, reviews, and social networks to drive real business growth. You and your team can earn CE credits through the Academy, too!

Enroll in GeniusVets Academy to check out courses such as “The Keys to Digital Marketing,” and stay tuned for new courses coming soon.

Optimize your websiteOptimize Your Website

Tired of hearing about Dr. Google? With a highly optimized website and a little strategic guidance, your practice can finally reclaim your rightful place as the best resource for pet care advice within your local community.

A beautifully designed veterinary website is great, but it doesn’t offer much value if no one sees it. The GeniusVets web platform is specifically designed to achieve top search results, so you can be sure all pet owners’ eyes are on you.


Clean up your directory listingsClean Up Your Directory Listings

Your practice’s online presence goes far beyond your own website, to include all the other ways clients (and Google) might find you, such as local listings, professional directories, and more. 

Claiming and optimizing your directory listings ensures your practice’s information (such as name, address, and phone number) is accurate, increases your brand’s visibility, and reduces the risk of penalties (due to inconsistent or incorrect information on various directories) that can sink your Google search ranking.

At GeniusVets, we find, optimize, and update all your practice’s directory listings so you don’t have to.


Get more reviewsGet More Reviews

Whether we like it or not, reviews play a key role in helping consumers choose what they will buy, where they will eat, and who they will trust with their pet’s care. 

While a less-than-flattering review can be nerve-wracking, soliciting and responding to both positive and negative feedback can effectively increase your brand’s online visibility and attract new clients (yes, really!).

Need help managing your practice’s online reputation? The GeniusVets marketing platform provides all the tools you need to encourage, curate, and track client reviews—and most importantly, leverage them to grow your business. 

Discover these and many more digital marketing solutions to help your practice succeed in 2019 and beyond at

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