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5 Tips to Get New Vet Clients Through Instagram

5 Tips to Get New Vet Clients Through Instagram

By Gabrielle Feldman, Social Media Manager

Is your veterinary hospital using Instagram? With a user base of 1 billion active accounts, per a recent tally, it is definitely time to jump on board. The average Instagram user spends an average of 53 minutes per day on the app - and one study found that this is only minutes behind the time spent on Facebook! Can you guess what one of the most popular photo subjects is? You guessed it--PETS! In fact, many people create an account just for their pet. How do you leverage this social media trend? Check out our 5 hacks for getting your practice noticed on Instagram, and with persistence, converting your followers into new clients.

1. Use the Search Location Feature

This feature is where Instagram wins big time compared to Facebook. Using this tip, you will be able to find pets in your local area and organically interact with them! (Oh, and it’s super simple.) First, use the search tool. Type in a location in your target area and click “Places.”

Use the Search Location Feature


We suggest targeting roughly a 10-mile radius around your veterinary hospital. Next, Instagram will pull up all of the public photos in your local area. To search other areas in your target location, simply start a new places search.


Public photos in a local area near The Drake Center

For example, The Drake Center is located in Encinitas, but it is also good to pull up posts from Solana Beach, Carlsbad, Rancho Santa Fe, etc.

Our next tip tells you how to interact with the pertinent pet posts you find...

2. “Mine and Grind”

What is mine and grind you ask? It is simply scrolling through (or “mining”) the location targeted posts on Instagram and interacting with potential customers that fit your target client. In this case it’s easy: you are looking for pet pics! Click on photos of local pets and like, comment, and follow. 

Bonus tips for engaging on Instagram:

  • Don’t just like one photo. Go into their account and like multiple pics.
  • Read the caption before you comment! (Seems like a no brainer, but people miss this ALL the time). The last thing you want to do is comment, “Looks like your pup is having such a fun day!”, just to realize after the fact it was actually a memorial post. Yikes!
  • Leave THOUGHTFUL comments! If you have been on Instagram for any amount of time, you have probably seen very generic comments made by people who are simply copy-pasting, or even worse, using a bot. Your time spent leaving comments will be worth it if you have something meaningful to say. Offer valuable advice, or simply leave a compliment. Don’t be afraid to show off your personality as well! Humor can go a long way when engaging on social media.
Leave thoughtful comments
  • Don’t be stingy about who you follow, but be strategic. Let’s face it, we are not celebrities, so don’t worry about looking cool because you only follow 46 accounts. Follow your current clients as well as people who fit into what you consider your ideal client. 

We recommend scrolling through your timeline and engaging with the accounts you follow, plus “mine and grind” in your local area for 30 minutes per day. Not only will you see an increase in organic, engaged followers, but you may see new clients as well! You can even track these results on your new client paperwork:

Mine and Grind attracts new clients
This really works!


3. Follow Local Pet Related Hashtags

A newer feature added to Instagram this year was the capability of following hashtags, in addition to actual accounts. This is great news if you have a local pet hashtag that is frequently used by pet owners. Not only should you follow the hashtag and interact with the posts, but you should also use the hashtag in your hashtag strategy in every post that is applicable. This way, anyone that follows or searches for that particular hashtag will see your posts! 

Follow Local Pet Related Hashtags

4. Always Add Your Location in Posts and in Your Hashtag Strategy

Adding your location to your posts will mean that your photo will show up in the posts categorized together in your local area. This means more eyeballs on your posts from local potential clients! Doing this is super simple:

Add your location to your posts

In addition, add your target locations into your hashtags so that anyone searching in your location via hashtags may also see your posts. For example, if you are located in Dallas use popular local hashtags, such as #dallas, #dallastexas, #dallastx, #dallaslife, etc. To find popular local hashtags, simply input your location into the search bar and click “Tags”. Then you can scroll through and choose tags that would apply to your business.

Use your location in your hashtag strategy

5. Make Your Only URL Link WORK for You 

Luckily, Instagram does feature buttons on your business page that allow someone to be able to click to call, email, and get directions. However, you only get one single URL link, which many businesses use to link to their website

When posting about blogs or any special promotions, marketers have to constantly change out the link in their bio in order to direct people to the right page. That all changed when platforms such as launched. With, you can create different buttons that direct to different pages on your website.

Use Linktree to expand your link options

Now you can promote special offers, blogs, making appointments, services you offer, etc. all in one place. We suggest capitalizing on Instagram users who are not current clients by creating some type of offer or download that you can promote in your bio. This encourages people who are checking out your page to take action! 

Your bio can work harder with Linktree

Remember, content marketing and social media marketing take consistency over time. You may not see an instantaneous influx of new clients who found your vet practice via Instagram. It takes time to build a relationship with people online, and ultimately gain their trust. 

Consistent social activity can attract new clients

But it does work! Want more tips to jumpstart your social media marketing? Contact us, join our GeniusVets Veterinary Marketing Group, and of course--let’s connect on Instagram!

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