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Facebook Likes for Veterinary Businesses: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

By Shannon Pecora, MA, Marketing Manager

How do you measure Facebook success for your veterinary practice page? Chances are your first instinct is to check the number of Page Likes and post likes you have. More likes, more fans, more business, right? Those are interesting metrics to track, but there is a lot more to the story.

Making a Love Connection: Social Media Marketing for Veterinarians

By Shannon Pecora, MA, Marketing Manager

Your New GeniusSite: From Start to No Such Thing as Finished!

By Nina Gagnon, Director of Project Development and Shannon Pecora, MA, Marketing Manager

ADA Compliance and Your GeniusSite

By Harley Orion, CEO

As we’ve noted before, the pace of change in digital marketing can range anywhere from pretty darn quick to downright aggressive. And this isn’t just in the realm of what is technologically possible. Sometimes, change comes as we better understand what all users of the Internet need. In all of these regards, we are always looking to improve our platform and services to support our clients – and the pet owners they help.

5 Tips to Get New Vet Clients Through Instagram

By Gabrielle Feldman, Social Media Manager

2018 PSI Business Symposium - That's a Wrap!


This July, the GeniusVets leadership team had the wonderful opportunity to present at the 2018 PSI Business Symposium, helping practice owners and staff understand how to plan, implement, and measure marketing efforts that have been proven to work for the growth of clinics across the country. We asked attendees of the Symposium what they thought about the event this year; here is what they had to say: