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Bonded Clients Help Your Veterinary Practice Attract New Clients via Social Media
Part of the strength of digital marketing -- and social marketing -- is that it opens up avenues for two-way communication. You don’t just broadcast a flat message to everyone in your community; instead, you can hold full, helpful, engaging conversations with local pet owners. In terms of building advocacy for your practice, you need to communicate well with existing clients in ways that help you “show off” to prospective clients.
Conversations with Happy Clients: Online Reviews are the New Word-of-Mouth Marketing
You have probably heard at some point in your veterinary career that responding to negative reviews is a good business tactic. It allows you to take control of the narrative, manage your reputation, and maybe most importantly, allows you the opportunity to turn around a disgruntled consumer and rebuild a relationship. However, because of all the time and energy it can seem to take to reply to a negative review, businesses often overlook the positive reviews. Why should you respond if customers are happy? Why do they need your attention? 
GeniusVets at AAHA’s 2019 Connexity Conference

We enjoyed good luck on Friday the 13th this September: we got to participate in AAHA’s 2019 Connexity conference! As part of AAHA’s Strategic Alliance Program, we met with some great people from AAHA-member practices at our table, and we even got to be part of the conference app. Plus, our Chief Strategist David Hall was a real-life resource in the “Human Library.”

ADA Compliance and Your GeniusSite

By Harley Orion, CEO

The pace of change in digital marketing can be incredibly fast. And this isn’t just in the realm of technology. Sometimes, change comes as we better understand what all users of the Internet need. So we're always looking to improve our platform and services to support our clients – and the pet owners they help. One trend we’re following is an increase in concerns about “ADA Compliance” on websites.

Veterinary Client Retention is Just a Text Away
Phone calls and texts are widely-used to confirm veterinary appointments, and widely valued by pet owners who appreciate the helpful reminders. But these methods of communication can do so much more for patient health and client retention. Service and followup appointment messages belong in the realm of smartphones; after all, 97% of Americans use text messaging! So if your practice implements a system to contact pet owners on their cell phones with patient progress and recheck messages, then you have a great chance of reaching nearly every single one of your existing clients in order to retain them.
5 Tips to Retain Your Veterinary Clients Using Social Media
If your veterinary practice is like most, you spend a lot of energy and thought on how to bring new clients into your hospital. Once a new client has finished their first appointment, it is important to continue to nurture that relationship in order to build trust and boost client retention.  Social posts are one of the best ways to keep fun and engaging messages in front of your clients and help keep you top of mind. In fact, recent studies show that the average person spends 142 minutes browsing social media every single day. Are you showing up?